Household Items

  • garbage canGarbage cans and bags

Various size bags and garbage cans

  • Kitchen Utensils

                     Rada Cutlery

  • River Rock Soaps

River Rock Soap products including natural air freshners, bug spray, goat milk lotion, goat milk soap, deodorant, lip balm, vapor rub and more

bug sprayvapor rub

  • Animal traps

Havahart live traps, racoon traps and mouse trapshavahart trap

  • Pest control

Fruit fly traps, fly catchers, flea traps, ant bait, insect killer, bat magic, roach powder, flea fogger, wasp & hornet spray, spider & ground bee killer, termite control, and much more

  • Miscellaneous

Various brands of tape including Duck tape, Kirk's Coco Hardwater Castile and Rada Cutlery